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sup plp

2008-12-20 22:30:41 by ramboo187

guys im guna download mario fruster ration its supose to get u tiked off cus it almost inposible but i know all about mario and iv play evry game got alll secrets and im awsome at mario but plp say it rly hard ive seen te vido so i want help from my best frend derick yup wen its down loaded u help me derick

u know.........

2008-11-07 00:59:44 by ramboo187

wen u beat your meat on a toilet seat u get hrpys lolz hey gunitsiolder187 u got that dont beat ur meat on a toilet seat if u did u got hrpys

ps:guint soldir 187 ummm di u lvl up yet cus if u dint ill pwn u if der was a fitin systome lol

wat wat more do want of this leter o....o u just thin i can type all day no stop redin wach or play a flash or listen or play somtin or ill send shoop da woop to get u ,ah daly news fyrin ma laza baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg lolz